2 07 2009

What a crazy, crazy day (this CD 19):

6:30 am:  Wake up and pee on 5000th opk (clearblue digital) and it was negative.  Depression, despair and anger ensue.  But shit, I FEEL like I am going to ovulate, bbs hurt a little bit, CM was nice and juicy and some ovarian pain.  Put FMU in a container to take with me and test with a cheapo OPK with lines.  Yes, I am this obsessed and desperate.  Call nurse’s line to tell them I am on my way and that we need to talk, seriously, about a trigger and my fear that my lining is going to be shit by the time I ovulate.

7:45 am:  Pull into CVS parking lot, purchase CVS brand OPK, to-go container of FMU to pull out new OPK and test. Hmm, line looks dark but it just is not dark enough.  (Top one is from 7:45 this morning, bottom one is from later – details below!).  


8:00 am:  Go to RE’s office, not on schedule for some reason, get blood drawn (LH and P4).  Dump FMU in bathroom.  

8:45 am:  At work, call nurse’s line and tell them that I was not on the schedule for some reason and to make sure that all dots are connected.

9:45 am:  At work, pee on new CVS OPK. Holy shit, I think I am surging.  Upswing on the mood roller coaster ensues.   Call nurse’s line, apologize profusely for being ultra high maintenance and tell them I think I am surging based on line on new OPK, which was with second morning urine.   (Bottom one is from 9:45 with second morning urine)


9:45 am – 1:45 pm:  Anxiously await call from RE’s office.  Check phone 10000 times.

1:45 pm:  Nurse calls, yes, I am surging!  LH 22.9 and P4 1.8. Yay!!!   IUI scheduled for 8:00 am tomorrow.  

3:00 pm:  Leave work (YAY!!!  Taking tomorrow off too). 

3:15 pm:  Pee on clearblue digital opk – get a smiley face. 

IMG_0600Below is the strip from inside the clearblue easy digital.


3:20:  Take shower.  

So, let the foregoing be a warning to my cheap side:  If I had not gone in for monitoring and spent the extra dough on the OPKs, I would have missed my surge or picked it up tomorrow morning and possibly had the IUI too late.  I peed on about 4-5 digital opks yesterday – nada.  Also, check out the difference between FMU and SMU above.  Incredible, just incredible.  So, even though my IUI is tomorrow, I am going to count my official 2ww starting today since I did my IVI and may catch an egg tonight.  Please let this work, please let this work.  

BTW, word on the street is that Clomid can really delay your O.  My other two natural cycles I surged on day 15 so it delayed it about 4 days.

I will update tomorrow after my IUI.  BTW, so many of us have gotten pregnant recently – here is my shout out to Sprogblogger again, CarolineNiki, Bella, Andrea  and Mo (Mo has a surprise natural pregnancy after many losses and many IVFs…amazing).  I hope this is it for you guys and I hope I am joining you soon.



30 06 2009

That is all I can say.  Bloodwork this morning revealed that my progesterone is .9 – which is good, obviously I have not o’d yet and my LH is 4.9 up a whopping .4 since Sunday.  Surge does not look like it is around the corner.

If I do not surge by Thursday morning, this cycle will be canceled.  This sucks.

CD 16 No Surge; No Trigger

29 06 2009

No surge last night or this morning…sigh.  I called my RE’s office this morning – they called me back in like 10 minutes and said basically no way on the trigger, that the chance of multiples is way too high.  The nurse was really sweet but she was like you have too many follicles for a trigger.  They usually only like to see 2-3 follicles in an iui and since I have sixish, they want my surge to determine how many eggs are released rather than a trigger shot, which would guarantee all six would empty out.  This confirms my consult with Dr. Google as well.  In a natural surge, I may only have two-four follicles rupture.  That being said, during IVF I never had an egg in each follicle.  If e2 levels would be similar with clomid and the ivf drugs, based on my e2 level, as of yesterday, I had about two mature eggs (IVF – my e2 was generally 350 per egg) cooking.  So, here is hoping that my natural surge releases at least two eggs.  

I will test again tonight and tomorrow morning.  I have more b/w tomorrow morning as well.  So, if any of you have success stories for girls who ovulated on say day 18 or 19 I would love to hear them!

CD 15; Follie and BW Check

28 06 2009

I have not had my surge yet and even though I used three, yes, three different types of OPKs over the last six days I was paranoid that I missed my surge.  So, my RE’s office wants you to come in if you have been testing for five days and you do not get a surge.  I only slept about 4ish hours last night, got up this morning – a bfn on the opk so I went in this morning to have bloodwork and u/s (even though I am so cheap and wanted to avoid that!)  The results are great – I have not surged yet and my bw and us results are below (and now I know why I have had ovarian pain, especially on my right side):

LH 4.5

Prog 0.5

E2 698

Right ovary 5 follicles measuring 22, 21, 18, 17 and 14

Left ovary 1 follicle at 17

The nurse was like – we need you to know the risk of multiples.  Sigh.  I cannot even stay pregnant with one so I try not to even fantasize about “o Mr. M, what are we going to do if it is twins, etc. etc…….”.  

BTW, my response to 1o0 mg clomid is pretty much the same, give or take 2-3 follicles, that it was on 300 of gonal f and 150 of menopur.  Food for thought.

I will have to buy more opks today…I am so crazy for having run through at least 20 opks in the last week.   Yep.  I am elated about not surging yet.  Please let this work and please let me ovulate before day 20 as I have read that the lining could deteriorate and be unsuitable for implantation if ovulation occurs after day 20.

OPKs and Still Waiting

27 06 2009

Sorry, this is a bit of a duplicative post – I went to modify my other posts and screwed it up.  For those of you who commented on my other posts, thank you – I apologize for my technical limits.  Today is CD 14 and I felt some ovarian discomfort last night BUT STILL NO SURGE.   I am so paranoid I am going to freaking miss it.  I have to remind myself that my “normal” cycles involved surges on CD 15.  I am going to do as little as possible today.  I do have to do a bit of work but not as bad as it has been.  

A bit of bad news – they (they being my firm) cut salaries on Thursday…sigh…I do not have the energy to vent about this – I have classic arguments for and against. I have also posted pics of my OPKs from the last few days below.  ALL of the digital OPKs have been blank – they are so helpful in confirming what my eyes see on these tests.  Please let me surge soon, please let me get pregnant NOW.

Surge Search; Rage Induced Cry

26 06 2009

Wanted:  LH Surge of appropriate strength to release at least one but preferably two eggs.

{Insert Scream}

I am CD13 and no surge in sight.  My lines on the tests were darker on CD11 than today.  I know, I know, LH fluctuates so much but still I am scared that I surged on Day 9 – which probably is not possible since I was still on Clomid.  I started testing on Day 10 and I have used every variation of OPK – see prior post – and I have been testing 2-3 times per day.  So.  I probably did not miss it, right?  I just made myself feel better for about two seconds.  The worst would be that stress and exhaustion, see below, have screwed me up and I will not surge and I will not ovulate.  

I have been working NONSTOP.  Yesterday from 6:00 am – 11:00 pm.  The entire rest of the week –  9:00 am – 10:00 pm.  I worked last Sunday.  I worked last Saturday.  And worked 12-14 hour days the week before that.  I am tired.  Really tired.  I left work last night and the parking garage arm would not let me out – I have a lease and an electronic pass.  I had to wait like 10 minutes for the walking douchebag to come over to see what was wrong.  He was like “Did you give someone your pass and let them get out for free”  I was like “no”.  He was like “The time for honesty is now.”  This was a choose your own adventure moment – did I laugh or tell him to eat a fart sandwich?  I laughed and was like “no” and he was like “they can tell and they WILL shut you off.”  I said “just let me out”.  So then, I get on the interstate to go home and low and behold there is traffic backed up at a standstill from construction – at 11pm?????  I started to cry a bit – a rage filled with powerlessness induced cry.