2 07 2009

What a crazy, crazy day (this CD 19):

6:30 am:  Wake up and pee on 5000th opk (clearblue digital) and it was negative.  Depression, despair and anger ensue.  But shit, I FEEL like I am going to ovulate, bbs hurt a little bit, CM was nice and juicy and some ovarian pain.  Put FMU in a container to take with me and test with a cheapo OPK with lines.  Yes, I am this obsessed and desperate.  Call nurse’s line to tell them I am on my way and that we need to talk, seriously, about a trigger and my fear that my lining is going to be shit by the time I ovulate.

7:45 am:  Pull into CVS parking lot, purchase CVS brand OPK, to-go container of FMU to pull out new OPK and test. Hmm, line looks dark but it just is not dark enough.  (Top one is from 7:45 this morning, bottom one is from later – details below!).  


8:00 am:  Go to RE’s office, not on schedule for some reason, get blood drawn (LH and P4).  Dump FMU in bathroom.  

8:45 am:  At work, call nurse’s line and tell them that I was not on the schedule for some reason and to make sure that all dots are connected.

9:45 am:  At work, pee on new CVS OPK. Holy shit, I think I am surging.  Upswing on the mood roller coaster ensues.   Call nurse’s line, apologize profusely for being ultra high maintenance and tell them I think I am surging based on line on new OPK, which was with second morning urine.   (Bottom one is from 9:45 with second morning urine)


9:45 am – 1:45 pm:  Anxiously await call from RE’s office.  Check phone 10000 times.

1:45 pm:  Nurse calls, yes, I am surging!  LH 22.9 and P4 1.8. Yay!!!   IUI scheduled for 8:00 am tomorrow.  

3:00 pm:  Leave work (YAY!!!  Taking tomorrow off too). 

3:15 pm:  Pee on clearblue digital opk – get a smiley face. 

IMG_0600Below is the strip from inside the clearblue easy digital.


3:20:  Take shower.  

So, let the foregoing be a warning to my cheap side:  If I had not gone in for monitoring and spent the extra dough on the OPKs, I would have missed my surge or picked it up tomorrow morning and possibly had the IUI too late.  I peed on about 4-5 digital opks yesterday – nada.  Also, check out the difference between FMU and SMU above.  Incredible, just incredible.  So, even though my IUI is tomorrow, I am going to count my official 2ww starting today since I did my IVI and may catch an egg tonight.  Please let this work, please let this work.  

BTW, word on the street is that Clomid can really delay your O.  My other two natural cycles I surged on day 15 so it delayed it about 4 days.

I will update tomorrow after my IUI.  BTW, so many of us have gotten pregnant recently – here is my shout out to Sprogblogger again, CarolineNiki, Bella, Andrea  and Mo (Mo has a surprise natural pregnancy after many losses and many IVFs…amazing).  I hope this is it for you guys and I hope I am joining you soon.


The Bitch is Back; OPK Madness; At Home IVI; Bella and Niki

22 06 2009

Okay – updating post to add Niki’s and Bella’s BFPs!!!!  It is about time we had a string of bfps!!!

OPK Madness

OPK Madness


The side effects were really mild from Clomid up until today.  I woke up and I was ready to rip out someone’s eyes or pull their arms off.  I was in a horrid mood.  Sigh.  Today was the last dose thank goodness.  

My hopes are still high but right now I am just mad and angry that I can’t just get drunk, have sex with Mr. M and get pregnant.  

Okay, onto obsessions, which I am much better at doing.  Also, it is my checking behavior (thanks Mo) to “reduce anxiety”.  I am going to start testing for a surge tomorrow night, which will be CD 10.  I have posted a picture of my OPKs which is hilarious – I never took pictures of all of my IVF meds but for some reason I think this is a riot.  So, here is the plan – test at night with the Ovuquicks (has anyone ever used them? my RE recommended this brand) and test in the mornings with the clearblue sticks.  I am saving the digitals for when the sticks or cassettes, what have you, begin to look too close to call.  

Update on my sister – she is having a hard time (after her miscarriage).  😦 that crushes my soul.  She could not be around her sister in law tonight – she is pregnant.  My sister was like – “I never thought I would be like that” and I reassured her that she was not mean or evil and to be gentle with herself.  I wish I did not have to tell her any of that – it is so fucked up and I am so angry for her, for me.