Bloody Good Show

27 02 2010

I think they are going to name a room after me in triage…Mr. M and I went to the movies tonight – and at the end, I felt a little spurt of discharge, which I have felt a million times over the last two weeks.  I then went to the bathroom, wiped and saw what looked to be RED BLOOD.  I looked in the toilet and there was a bunch of blood in there too.  Freak out ensued.  I went out to the lobby and told Mr. M and that we had to go to triage right away.  I called my doc’s on-call service and talked to the MFM on call – he said to come in of course.  I got there – and the only thing coming out at that point was dark brown blood.

They hooked the babies up ASAP, for which I am grateful, because I was terrified that my placenta had detached and one of my little sweeties was dying – it was terrifying.  The babies looked great on the monitors, they did a cervix check – still 1 cm dilated, but now 60% effaced.  No active bleeding seen and since I am not cramping, all seems to be well with Sugar and Spice.  They also checked to make sure my water did not break and did a quick scan on the babies and they looked great.

So.  We are home now and I googled the shite out of “bloody show” and have read about a variety of experiences – some with actual mucous plugs coming out, some with brown, pink or red blood.  I am feeling so much better after reading about all of the variations on bloody show – and that mine was red seems to be okay. Still no crystal ball on when I will go into labor – some websites say within hours/days, others say a week or so. I am still feeling like I have two personalities – one wants them to bake a while longer and the other wants to walk, eat, sleep, not be in constant pelvic pain and be completely exhausted anymore.  I feel like a selfish biotch for admitting that.


Trip to Triage #4,567; My Friend’s Beautiful Babies

22 02 2010

I am exhausted.  I barely slept last night – I had tons of lower back pain and menstrual-like cramping with regular contractions.  I also felt as though the babies were moving less, which I have heard is normal during contractions because not only are they cramped as it is but when I contract, the uterus is even tighter.  I called my doctor’s on call service and they said to go in.

I was in fact having contractions all over the place – the worst ones I have had to date – so they checked my cervix and guess what…not a thing has changed since Friday!  And the babies looked fabulous.  My MFM practice is at the hospital that I go to – and one of the doctor’s came up and said that he would like me to stay for two more hours to check my cervix again – and I said only on one condition – if he let me eat!  I have to eat every two hours or I am a total wreck.  My sweet husband got me scrambled eggs, hash browns and toast and I ate it like I hadn’t eaten in a month.

They checked my cervix again – same – and I was so relieved – I really, really want to make it to 37 weeks – preferably 38 weeks.  Honestly though, this is so hard – I have never done this before so I cannot tell when I am really in labor – and trust me, some of the contractions were no joke!  I guess I will know….right?  I told my husband I am sick of triage and only wanted to go back if there was a head breeching…

While I was there, I saw my friend SF – she looked gorgeous – and she took me to the NICU to see her babies – they were perfect in every way – and so beautiful I cried – I am so happy for her.  We talked about how each was envious of the other – me of her because her babies are here and apart from being little peanuts, they are perfect and her worries about them dying inside of her are gone (trust me, I know they are replaced with other worries) and she of me because Sugar and Spice are still baking.  We agreed that we would not be at ease until our four babies are at home!

I have to say – I am really proud of my uterus and cervix – my body has sucked ass at pregnancy – and they are holding their own and taking care of us.

35 Weeks; Let the Games Begin

19 02 2010

35 weeks today!!!  Woo hoo!!!  I am so happy to have made it this far – the babies are fully developed at this point – I would like some additional time for them to fatten up and for their brains to continue developing…however, things may go faster than I thought…

I woke up this morning feeling “off” – just not right – and I felt like “something was different”.  TMI coming – my poo has been harder than diamonds – and harder than hell to pass – but this morning, it was very, very loose and there was quite a bit…I also had some cramping.  I had a doctor’s appointment at 2:00 – and low and behold, I am 50% effaced, baby boy is in -2 station and my cervix is beginning to open – the external opening to my cervix is open – big enough for her to fit her finger – but the cervix is internally closed so officially not dilated yet.  My doc said that all my symptoms point towards labor beginning – but also reminded me that it could be a fast (within days) process or a slow (a week or so) process.  BTW – the in office ultrasound revealed that both Sugar and Spice are head down!!!!!

Part of me was relieved to know that things are happening but I also want them to bake for a bit longer…I wanted to celebrate the kickoff so Mr. M and me went out to eat to one of my favorite spots…Beni.hana!  His son is also away this weekend so we have the weekend to ourselves!!

Here is my belly pic from tonight – I love this top.

34 Weeks! The Irrational and the Rational

12 02 2010

I am 34 weeks today – woot!!!  I had a marathon of doctors appointments this morning – I am really tired (very little sleep in last few days) so I am going to resort to bullet points…

  • Growth u/s freaked me out – from the measurements, they only grew 5 or 6 ounces in 3 weeks…that being said, they are still in the 70th percentile for singletons…that being said, I still brought it up at my MFM appointment as freaking me out.  The doctor was not concerned – he said that these are estimates and that a cm could put the weight estimate off by a half pound.  All they care about is that they are still growing and that they are not growing discordantly – and they are not – only a 2% difference between our boy and girl.  The MFM practice has actually tried to get the u/s department to stop putting weight estimates down since they can be so off…that being said, still concerned but feel better because this doctor has 30 years experience and knows his shit…
  • In addition to my freak out about the growth, I told him I was afraid I had listeria…I have been pretty careful about what I eat – that being said, I was craving and had to have a reub.en sandwich at a very reputable deli last week – okay, since they are blistering hot off the grill…well I started munching away while I was talking to Mr. M – and I realized it was cold…I took the rest home and heated it up to finish it. Yesterday I had some chills when I first woke up and a temp of 99.6…so I was petrified that I had listeria and that I had doomed my babies.  I called the doc and the nurse said to call back if fever continues or any other symptoms develop – fever went away, no other symptoms.  I brought it up to my doc this morning and he said the two were not related and to not worry about it…I could knock myself out with the guilt.
  • Sugar has moved!  I did not think that was possible due to the space constraints – just 10 days ago, they were both head down…not anymore. Spice is head down and his head is in fact wedged in my pelvis, ready to go.  Sugar, however, is now transverse at the top of my uterus with his legs on top of her – no wonder I cannot breath, eat or sleep!!!  She is smashing my stomach and diaphragm – but I hope that it makes her more comfortable!
  • So, we discussed delivery.  I absolutely can try a vaginal birth since Spice is head down and ready to go.  The doctor today said that most of the attendings in MFM have plenty of experience doing extractions (i.e. yanking baby number 2 out manually if they do not turn head down after baby number 1 is delivered) but that some of the fellows – who work nights and weekends – may not be as experienced and may suggest an c section after the first is delivered vaginally…  That being said – he advised me to question them and their experience – and to have them page their attending if the situation warrants – translation – do not be forced into a c section if it is truly not for the benefit of the babies and more for convenience or inexperience of the fellow.  Good to know – especially since he is an old timer in the practice – I will throw his name around if I need to.
  • I still have twice weekly non stress tests and now once weekly doctor’s appointments.  I have another growth u/s scheduled for 37 weeks if I am still pregnant at that time.  I had a non stress test today – both babies doing well.
  • I am trying not to freak out about the first two bullet points – please tell me not to worry!

MFM Appointment; Hospital Bag

2 02 2010

I had a doctor’s appt this morning – it was great to get out of the house – and great to see them on the quick in-office u/s – both still head down!  It is so cool – I can see their little bums in my stomach – especially when I have a little contraction.  

My biggest complaint is that my pubic symphysis is expanding/separating?  All I know is that I am in agony when I go from sitting to standing and when I walk about 70% of the time.  It really, really hurts.  My doc told me to take some tyle.nol and they would give me tyle.nol 3 if it continues to get worse…I hate the thought of taking another med but I am telling you – it really hurts!  

I had a non stress test today – both babies are doing fabulously – and my doc is having me come in twice a week for NSTs!  Yay – for getting out of the house and yay for extra reassurance that the babies are doing well.

Here is the list I have compiled for my hospital bag – thanks to all for your suggestions and let me know what else I should think about!

  1. Nursing tops (I am going to wear the hospital gowns as long as I can so as not to ruin my stuff);
  2. Slippers;
  3. Socks
  4. Earplugs;
  5. Wireless speaker and IPOD;
  6. Exercise ball;
  7. Tennis balls (for Mr. M to massage me with!);
  8. Twin nursing pillow;
  9. Some of my pillows;
  10. Computer and charger;
  11. Digital camera, video camera and chargers;
  12. Phone and charger;
  13. Phone numbers (including my insurance co so they can ship me my pump ASAP);
  14. Chapstick;
  15. Lotion;
  16. Snacks;
  17. Case of water;
  18. Maxi pads;
  19. Underwear (although I have been told to stock up on the lovely mesh undies from the hospital!);
  20. Lasinoh;
  21. Hand sanitizer;
  22. Baby blankets;
  23. Diaper bag with some wipes and diapers;
  24. Outfits for the babies to come home in, including hats, booties and mittens;
  25. Burp cloths;
  26. My own toiletries;
  27. Trash bag;
  28. Flip flops for the shower; 
  29. Extra bag to take stuff home with me; and
  30. Folder for Sugar and Spice’s paperwork.

I am SO EXCITED to meet them but I really do not want to meet them before 36 weeks!

Modified Bedrest

25 01 2010

Today was my last day of work.  On Friday, I had eight contractions in one hour, to be followed by six contractions the next hour with cervical pressure…I went to triage and thankfully, my cervix was still long and closed.  This was the fourth time I went to triage from work for contractions, just does not happen when I am relaxing at home…so the docs suggested, and I was finally ready, to not work anymore.  The short term disa.bility paperwork will be completed this week and I am to be on modified bedrest.  I have to say, I do not think I am capable of doing much more than that – my feet hurt, normal shoes do not fit, I have grotesque swelling if I sit for too long without my feet up high, I am getting carpal tunnel, my hands hurt most of the time, I am sleeping with wrist guards, my hips hurt and I cannot go out and do anything for more than an hour.

And I would not trade it for anything – I want to keep these two safe and sound and in utero for AT LEAST four more weeks.  Seriously, I am not worried about the physical discomforts, they are temporary but I only have one time to do this right, to make sure that they are healthy.

I am worried about being physically fit enough to take care of them once they do get here – seriously, I am a wimp, I am afraid I will not be able to carry both car seats, carry them, etc.

I am going to keep busy with non-physical stuff – like internet shopping!, starting their memory books and organizing the nursery.  And reading books from ebooks.   And incubating these babies FOR AT LEAST FOUR MORE WEEKS!!!

Our Beautiful Babies

9 01 2010

We had our elective 3D ultrasound today at 29 weeks 1 day – it was great – my favorite photos are the first two – their heads snuggled together.  I have been and remain completely and utterly in love.  They could also see hair on her head – how freaking cute is that!!!!  Also – if you look closely, you can see the names we picked!!!  I am going to give them blog names – I do not want them searchable on the web – so please leave them out of your comments, thanks so much!  Also – for you delurkers that delurked already, thanks – it is good to hear from you!  Poor baby boy in the last photo – he is so smushed up in there – his face was crushed against the membrane and his feet were over his head!!!