Our Beautiful Babies

9 01 2010

We had our elective 3D ultrasound today at 29 weeks 1 day – it was great – my favorite photos are the first two – their heads snuggled together.  I have been and remain completely and utterly in love.  They could also see hair on her head – how freaking cute is that!!!!  Also – if you look closely, you can see the names we picked!!!  I am going to give them blog names – I do not want them searchable on the web – so please leave them out of your comments, thanks so much!  Also – for you delurkers that delurked already, thanks – it is good to hear from you!  Poor baby boy in the last photo – he is so smushed up in there – his face was crushed against the membrane and his feet were over his head!!!


Twin Ultrasound Pictures at 11w4d

13 09 2009

Here are the Sprouts from my first trimester screening done at 11w4d – the first one is a 3d image.




8 Week Ultrasound Pictures of the Sprouts; Trip to BRU

16 08 2009

Yep – I went in for an u/s on Friday.  Thursday night I thought I saw a small pink stain on my tp – I thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me or assumed it was nothing – so I forgot about it and went to bed, trying to push it out of my mind and reminding myself how vascular my cervix probably is.  Plus – I have Hyperemesis so I was somewhat confident the Sprouts were doing just fine.  Then, Friday at work, I noticed what could have been a brownish-pink stain on my panty liner.  Minor panic set in – I called my RE’s office – THEY WERE AMAZING.   They were like – just come in for another u/s if you want.  Yes I did want.  So I went in for the u/s – no problems seen – they assumed it was my cervix and told me not to worry.  Both Sprouts were measuring 8 weeks exactly and Sprout A had a heart rate of 167 and Sprout B had a heart rate of 172 so they are looking fabulous.  So, I am trying to push the little pink stains out of my mind.

I did start on the zofran – and I am not throwing up anymore but I am still very, very nauseated.  I still feel bad about taking it but it was either that or ending up in the hospital, dehydrated.  I definitely do not want to go there.  I think I am on a low dose – 4mg – and I am taking it twice a day right now.  I was starting to get afraid about my job – I was totally non-functioning much of the time and not producing my normal level of work due to how sick I was/am.  

I had to go to Babi.es R Us for a friend’s baby shower.  Fuck, was that overwhelming or what.  I peeked at a few of the double strollers and got totally overwhelmed.  I just ran for her gift and got the hell out.  Not before I saw some petite beauty pregnant with twins walking around with her tanned, dimple free legs.  I am already a beast (thanks 3.5 IVFs, 2 IUIs and 1 Clomid IUI for the extra 15 pounds) and I am going to be well over 200 pounds with the Sprouts.  I am determined to meet Dr. Luke’s guidelines – I am counting myself as overweight since I was technically by 10 pounds at the outset.  So the book says 20 pounds by 20 weeks.  I have not weighed myself but I plan on it this week – gasp – just thinking of the dreaded scale at the OBs office – my first OB appt is Wednesday.  

I am letting myself get a wee bit excited – I watched a few twin videos on youtube and it was pretty cool.  Enough of my babbling, I give you the Sprouts – does anyone know what that line is next to the baby standing up, both babies have it but I forgot to ask what it was – also, I love how the baby on the right is chilling on his/her side (BTW, somebody pinch me – is this really happening to me – this is my life?  I feel so lucky today):


Yesterday’s U/S Pics; Fa.cebook Faux Paus

6 08 2009

So, I have only told a very few people about being pregnant…just really, really good friends who have known about my miscarriages and they have been an unbelievable support system.  A few of them are at work.  But,  I trust these people not to say anything.  Mr. M, on the other hand, has told EVERYONE where he works – I used to work there with him.  On the one hand, I think that is great – he is really excited and really getting into this pregnancy so I cannot get mad at him – and I am not.  BUT – one of the guys he told posted ON MY FACE.BOOK wall something like congrats on the twins, do you know if they are identical or fraternal…  I mostly use face.book to see what my cousins and sisters are up to – I rarely log on.  Of course, I freaked when I saw this and deleted it from my wall and emailed him privately.  Sigh.  

At any rate, here are the ultrasound pictures of my Sprouts from yesterday at 6w5d.  Can you believe how much they have grown from Friday – that is crazy and exhilarating!!!   My plan is to enjoy my life and this pregnancy and just wait for my ob appointment on the 19th.  


Heartbeat Thriller – Six Weeks Pregnant

31 07 2009

So, I went in for my ultrasound today.   I had a different u/s tech – thank goodness – she sucked, obviously, and was a biotch.  This one was really sweet.  So, I went back by myself and I once again got acquainted with Wanda.  After what seemed like 10 hours (it was probably 20 seconds) I looked at her and her eyes were pretty wide.  I was like oh no, there is no heartbeat.  So I asked her – do you see a heartbeat?  And she said yes – let me go get your husband.  She left – I started to cry a bit from relief.  She got Mr. M and he stood next to me.  

The u/s tech then said, your wife asked me if I saw a heartbeat and I told her yes, what I did not tell her is that I saw two heartbeats!!!  Pure shock and tears and wows and oh my gosh ensued.  I give you my Sprouts:

They were measuring a bit ahead at 6w1d each.  The babies are below the arrows with the yolk sacs looking like the ring part of the diamond ring.  We got to see AND hear their heartbeats!  So here is where my mild freak out came in – I was hoping that they were over 100 but one was at 95 and one was at 98.  But, she said and Dr. Google agrees, that they really just want them to be over 90 at this point, that they were good and strong and the babies were measuring perfectly and NOT TO WORRY.  So you know what, I am going to not worry.  Much.  For at least a little while.  For tonight maybe.  I know a lot can happen but HOLY SHIT WE ARE HAVING TWINS!   We are happy, scared, shocked, excited, awed, worried, etc.  It isn’t “real” yet.

They are releasing me to my OB but said that they are still here for me and will do whatever I need/want.  My OB appointment is August 19.  I am going to try and just relax between now and then.   But – I may ask my RE to do an ultrasound in 9 or 10 days just to help manage my emotions…

So, Niki – thanks for all of the preliminary research on twin gear – I will be using it!!!

Thanks for all of your support!

The Most Beautiful Photo Ever: My 4w5d Ultrasound

22 07 2009


Wow.  Just wow.  One beautiful, perfect healthy looking sac – and as a bonus – we saw the yolk sac too – you can see it in this picture as well.  Amazing.  Just amazing.  I am in love.  Also, my hcg was 2942 today!  I am in shock.  I am very, very happy and very, very hopeful.  I have decided I am going to refer to my little one as “Sprout”.  I love you Sprout, please stick around.  

That being said, the last 12 or so hours went like this:

  1. About 15 minutes after I put my suppository in last night, I had a teeny, tiny spot of pink when I went to the bathroom.  My freak out level was about 40% – I figured it was from the suppository but still – I really do not need that, especially after the fluttering I had in my uterus last night.
  2. I woke up at 3am – pretty nauseated.  I slept on and off after that – very restless.
  3. To keep myself occupied, I shaved my legs.
  4. I almost cried three times before the appointment.
  5. I forgot my wallet and could not get a drink on the way to my appointment.
  6. Mr. M met me at the appointment – he is the best.
  7. The u/s tech was a total BITCH.  She called me back – I asked if Mr. M could come and she said “no”.  I was shocked – he turned around and went into the waiting room and then she was like – oh – this is not a regular ultrasound, it is an early pregnancy ultrasound, sorry – I will go get him when we are done taking the measurements.  I was annoyed but my friend already told me that is how they do it at this clinic.  
  8. I put my feet in the stirrups and got acquainted with Wanda.  The tech asked how I had been feeling – I told her I had some pains on my right side on and off and a little m/s but nothing major.  I told her that I was really, really nervous and that I have a history of loss and that this is the furthest I have ever made it without major bleeding and an impending miscarriage.  She was a bit nicer after that and I asked her after about 10 seconds if she saw a sac – she said yes.  She also said my right ovary was very enlarged and that is what the discomfort is from (yay – no ectopic!).  She then typed a bunch of crap – never turned the screen towards me – and then went and got Mr. M.   
  9. Mr. M came in and she turned the screen towards us and said there is the sac – she enlarged it and I was like – is that the yolk sac???  And she said yes.  I teared up and was clutching Mr. M’s hand.
  10. My next u/s is next Friday – I will be 6 weeks and if there is a hb, they will release me to my ob.
  11. I had two tiny drops of pink at work after the u/s and called the nurse – she said it was normal after the u/s – and that I will probably spot after the progesterone supps and after sex – if Mr. M is lucky enough to finally have it again.

I cried a few times today out of sheer relief and happiness.  I know that so many things can still go wrong but for right now, things could not look any better.  

Symptoms – much better yesterday and today – I have been able to eat.  My sense of smell is pretty keen – most everything STINKS.  My bbs started to HURT yesterday – nothing before that but they really ache now, even when I walk.  My mouth still tasted like metal/sour milk.   I am having some cramping as well – very, very minor but enough to send me to the bathroom 100 times to check for blood.  I know it is normal and a good sign but it scares me.

So yay me and yay Sprout!!!!  BTW, stalkers – thanks for stalking me – I appreciate the support so, so much.