Sleep Deprivation and Public Shaming

6 11 2010

I have noticed some serious changes in my personality since Sugar and Spice were born.  They are the true joys of my life and they make me so happy, I live to be with them.  All of the other parts of my life have been a roller coaster and I really think it is from sleep deprivation.  I am an 8 hour minimum girl – if I do not get 8 solid hours, I am a beast.  Yes – the babies are sleeping well – from about 7:30 pm to 5ish am – so no complaints there. However, I wake up when I hear them and I do not and have not slept straight through the night in so, so long – the end of my pregnancy involved some sleep deprivation too – but not like this.

The bottom line is that I am bitchy much of the time – I do not have the energy I used to have and I feel like I am in survival mode.  Compound that with excessive caffeine use and there are times when I am downright surly.  So.  I am going to try and start taking naps – especially on the weekends – and try to get to bed earlier during the week.  I push myself to the point of perfection and I do not want to miss one second of Sugar and Spice’s life – the life that I have with them before and after work and on the weekends that is.  But at this point, I need quality over quantity – I feel like I would do more reading and more activities with them if I was more rested.

Onto my public shaming.  I really, really need to lose the rest of this weight.  I gained 65 pounds during my pregnancy – and to date, I have lost 55 of those pounds.  The problem is, I was about 20-25 pounds heavier than I like to be when I got pregnant (thanks to 3 IVFs, clomid, IUIs and depression).  So, I really have about 20 to lose before I am in the “healthy BMI” range and another 15 to lose after that to be happy – and 10 after that to be ecstatic.  Sigh.  So we are talking about a minimum of 35 pounds and up to 45.  I have been yo-yo-ing and emotionally eating (stress at work, stress with DH at times) and it has not been pretty.

I started Sout.h Be.ach on Thursday – and this morning I was down 2.5 pounds…so, it is a start.  Wish me luck.


The things we do to our kids…

31 10 2010

Teething? Feeding Strike?

19 10 2010

Spice has been acting hinky at his night feedings…it started about two weeks ago – he stopped drinking all of his night bottle on and off – we tried not feeding him solids in between, worked once, now nothing works – he is only drinking like 3 oz.

I gave him the 3 oz he would drink plus some solids.  Now he will not sleep.

Any words of wisdom?

Checking In

14 10 2010

Sugar is fine – she appears just to be cold-blooded.  I bundled her up the next night – socks, onesie, cotton terry pjs AND a sleep sack – her temp the next morning (I checked on her 100 times that night) was 97.7 degrees.  Yup.  The next night I did as my pediatrician said – just socks, a onesie and terry cotton pjs – and her temp was 96.6 in the morning.  It goes up throughout the day of course – but she hovers in the 97s.

Thank you for those of you who checked in with me!!!

We are all doing well – they are amazing.

Low Body Temp – Freaking Out

10 10 2010

Sugar was very, very fussy last night and had a bit of a runny nose so I gave her some acetaminophen at about 5:00 pm.  She went to bed at 7:30 and when she woke up this morning at 7:00 I took her temp just because she was so fussy last night.  Rectal temp – 95.4 – panic ensues.  Her head and belly felt warm but her legs were cool.  She was acting normally, drank 8 oz of warm breast milk/formula mixture and played normally and now she is napping.  I put a really warm pair of pjs on her, a onesie, socks and a winter hat – her temp went up to 98.3 within 1.5 hours.

I of course called the on-call number and spoke to a nurse at the local children’s hospital – she said to watch her through the day and obviously if she acts sick or strangely, to take her in but that if she maintains her temp, it should be okay.

Here’s the thing – I think Sugar is like me – cold all of the time and I require a blanket all year and at least two blankets in the winter.  We kept the thermostat at 71 degrees last night (it was on heat and went down to the 50s here), the thermostat in their room read 75 (we think it is a few degrees off and is a bit cooler in there) and she slept in a cotton onesie and a pair of regular cotton pjs.  Obviously, we do not want them to be too hot – but this seems to me to be an issue of not being warm enough at night.  I plan on putting her in a thicker pair of pjs with a onesie and socks tonight.  I also took Spice’s temp to see if the thermometer was off – and his was 98.6.

I am just freaked out because she had a terrible week – reaction to amoxicillin, then her immunizations and she has been pretty fussy.

Please let me know if you have had or know of anyone who has had a similar experience.

I am selling my breast pump on ebay if anyone is interested!

9 10 2010

Luscious Chunky Thighs

8 10 2010

Sugar and Spice are about to turn seven months old on the 10th…as in two days from now.  It has FLOWN by – and seriously – the first few months are a blur.  I am lazy so time for a bullet point list of what has been going on:

1) They were weighed and measured yesterday – Sugar is 28.5 inches and 20 pounds 10 ounces – off the charts for height and in the 90 to 95 for weight – Spice was 19 pounds 11 ounces and 27ish inches (my husband was a the scale and did not get exact height – this is my measurement) and in the 75thish percentiles.  The doctor is thrilled with their growth and said to start practicing with not only sippy cups (which we have been) but also regular cups.

2) So their beautiful luscious chunkiness was defiled by immunizations yesterday.  Sob.

3) Sugar had a reaction to amoxicillin on Tuesday – I have been a hot mess of stress ever since – I have had bad allergic reactions to things, which has included my throat swelling.  Long story but main thing is that she is fine – was going to start a different antibiotic for her yesterday but did not want to on top of vaccinations AND the fact that her rash on her face came back a bit – and freaked me out – on-call doc said that was normal in reactions and not to start the new antibiotic.  Very, very stressful.  I had lost about 5 pounds – but I made homemade sugar cookies after they went to bed and I ate about a dozen.  Stress eating is a bitch.

4) Both Sugar and Spice are sitting up on their own – amazing – and have been for a couple of weeks now.  And both are saying dadadada and gurgling other noises like  ohhh,  aaahhhh, etc.

5) I am more in love with them each day.

6) BTW, first AF was not too bad – and I am going to ask about Mir.ena.